Pacman EX 3.2

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Pure Pacman, the same as ever.

Among all the greats and pioneers of arcade video games, there is one that almost everyone on the planet has heard of, and that's Pacman. Pacman is the classic game that is as well-known now as it was in its original form. As most of you know, in the Pacman game you have to eat all the balls on a level while avoiding the ghosts and collect bonus objects that will help you. The graphics, the sounds...Simply put: Pacman is the standard in video games. So where does this Pacman EX come in? As you can maybe gather by now, Pacman EX is just an updated version of the classic, with almost nothing changed from the original.

In Pacman EX you now have four mazes and if you get a good score you can post it online among all the other High Scores. In this version you can also collect fruit in order to win bonuses. If you collect all the eight fruit available you get a free Pac. If you get a High Score of 30,000 or more you also win yourself a free Pac.

Pacman EX features coloured mazes, and offers a vertical scroll for better viewing of the gameplay. The controls are run from the keyboard.

So there you have it. If you are feeling slightly nostalgic for the old arcade games and a bit of Pacman will see you right, then you need a program like this Pacman EX. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?


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